Sunday, February 14, 2010

Text Messaging: Advantages and Disadvantages

Text messaging has become a part of daily life for many Americans. There are many advantages and disadvantages to text messaging. The advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

  • Two people can have a conversation with out having to speak which eliminates the risk of someone over hearing if it is in public.
  • It is possible to have multiple conversations with multiple people simultaneously.
  • People have more confidence when texting which allows them to be bold and say things they wouldn't necessarily say in person.
  • Texting is very convenient when a person just needs to say a quick thing to another instead of having to go through the process of making a phone call.
  • Another advantage is that the person can respond when it is most convenient for them.
  • Texting and driving has become a serious problem in America and is very dangerous.
  • While texting it is usually impossible to tell the tone of voice that a person is using so sometimes things can be taken in a way other then what the author intended.
  • Text messages can get lost in the air ways occasionally usually leaving one party very confused.
  • Many people use shorthand and abbreviations while texting, but since they use this so often they are forgetting that those things cannot be used in formal writing.
  • There is also a limit of how many characters can be sent in a text message so if you want to have a long conversation with someone it is better to just call them or discuss the matter in person.

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